[plt-scheme] mzc --gui-exe

From: Ivanyi Peter (pivanyi at freemail.hu)
Date: Thu Oct 27 11:11:40 EDT 2005


> The problem is that --gui-exe can't handle DLLs, and the "sgl"
> collection uses them.

Does it mean that with the 20x series it is not possible to
compile an application with openGL?? Maybe with a
work-around, like compile everything but keep the sgl DLL-s
separate?? How can I do the later?
Or is it too difficult?

> In 299.X, our main approach has been to avoid writing C-based
> extensions that generate DLLs, and instead use the
Scheme-based FII. > In particular, "sgl" in 299.X doesn't
have any DLLs, so --gui-exe can work
> with GL programs.

Does it mean that with the 299.X series I _can_ compile an
app with OpenGL?? (Sorry, but "--gui-exe can work with GL"
is not the same as --gui-exe _will_ work with GL and I am
not sure.  :-)) )


Peter Ivanyi

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