[plt-scheme] is it possible to make a statically-linked executable with mzc?

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Sat Oct 22 16:57:20 EDT 2005

At Sat, 22 Oct 2005 10:40:41 -0700, Eric Hanchrow wrote:
>         mzc --ldf -shared ++ldf -static --ldf-show --gui-exe maze maze.ss
> which showed me
>         MzScheme compiler (mzc) version 299.400, Copyright (c) 2005 PLT 
> Scheme, Inc.
>         C linker flags: ("-static")
>          [output to "maze"]
> but the resulting exe is still dynamically linked (according to ldd).
> Am I misunderstanding something?

The ld flags are not used by --gui-exe. The --exe and --gui-exe modes
don't re-link anything; they just modify an existing MzScheme or MrEd

To answer the subject-line question: you'd have to build a statically
linked MzScheme or MrEd, and then use that for creating a binary.


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