[plt-scheme] collects

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Oct 20 22:46:46 EDT 2005

On Oct 20, Yoav Goldberg wrote:
> So I made an "mzschemerc.ss" file:
> (define path-to-collection (string->path "f:/vork/music/trunk/"))
> (current-library-collection-paths
>   (cons
>      path-to-music-collection (current-library-collection-paths)))
> and put it under <wherever it needs to be>, and it works just fine
> when I use MzScheme.
> But DrScheme and mzc still can't find my collections.
> I created another file - mredrc.ss in the same location as
> mzschemerc.ss, but it doesn't help.
> Any idea why?

In addition to what Robby said, you can work on a collection in your
user directory (this is the directory that you get when you evaluate
(find-system-path 'addon-dir)), and if you want to work in some
specific directory, you can set the PLTCOLLECTS environment variable
to some list of paths.  Setting environment variables on windows is a
little tricky, and requires a reboot.  You should set it to something


semicolons seperate path parts, the last one above says that there's
an empty path at the end, which indicates the default locations.  If
you do use PLTCOLLECTS, then you should know that it's a solution only
for your own private work, and for distributing code you're better off
with solutions like the ones Robby mentioned.
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