[plt-scheme] include-bitmap and mzc -[gui-]-exe

From: Dave Herman (dherman at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Fri Oct 14 00:31:34 EDT 2005

I'm trying to build an executable with mzc --gui-exe, but if the code 
being compiled requires (lib "framework.ss" "framework"), I get a 
runtime error that it can't find the `icons' collection. This appears to 
be caused by the occurrences of (include-bitmap (lib <<whatever>> 
"icons")) within framework/private/icon.ss. Unfortunately there doesn't 
seem to be any way to package up such a collection inside an executable 
in a way that include-bitmap can access.

a) Is there a simple workaround? I'm looking to make the Windows 
executable as self-contained as possible so ideally I can't assume much 
about the user's computer, beyond the requirement that they install the 
PLT DLL's. I suppose I could install the executable in a directory that 
contained the extra necessary collects as a subdirectory, though I'm not 
sure how best to make those collects accessible without making the user 
set environment variables (heaven forbid).

b) How hard would it be to make some kind of "resource tree" facility 
such as Java's? AFAICT, it would need an interface for accessing 
resources, and then mzc --[gui-]exe would need to be able to package up 
these resources inside of an executable in such a way that this facility 
could get to them.


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