[plt-scheme] Servlet2 and standalone.ss

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Oct 13 16:10:59 EDT 2005

On Oct 13, Matt Jadud wrote:
> I don't know who DrScheme is written for; however, if it's (primary)
> intended use is in educational settings (formal and informal), I'd
> say that stopping a novice user on a complex dialog ("language
> levels?") as their first experience with the software is kinda
> rough.
> I really like the idea book->language level list; having simple,
> task-based signage associated with the language level choice is a
> really nice idea.

It will *really* be messy for those of us who do not use any of these
books, plus it means that information about a language level is going
to be stored outside its collection, and finally, this list is also
going to eventually be very long (I didn't even mention 2ed levels

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