[plt-scheme] keywords (a backward-incompatible change)

From: Alex Shinn (foof at synthcode.com)
Date: Sat Oct 1 23:59:58 EDT 2005

At Sat, 01 Oct 2005 14:30:38 -0400, Dave Herman wrote:
> I just thought of one small point worth considering in the 
> suffix-vs-prefix decision. With suffix-keywords, what would happen to 
> the common pattern of writing
>      (require (prefix foo: "foo.ss"))

Yes, the module system would have to check for this and convert the
keyword, but at least it wouldn't affect any user code (Common-Scheme
makes this check on prefix-imported modules).

Prefix vs. Suffix is of course a trade-off as to where your problems
occur, but colon-prefixes seem to be traditionally used for a wider
variety of purposes not related to keywords.  Another example is Olin
Shiver's :optional syntax used in many SRFI's.


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