[plt-scheme] Distributing slideshows.

From: Paulo Jorge Matos (pocmatos at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Nov 29 09:51:01 EST 2005

Hi Evan,

I usually export as a ps (with the print option) and then convert to
pdf if needed (usually the size is much smaller in pdf).

Paulo Matos

On 29/11/05, Evan Farrer <farrer at cs.utah.edu> wrote:
> I've created a Slideshow app that I'll eventually be running on a Windows machine without PLT-Scheme installed and that doesn't have a network connection.  I'm wondering about the best way to wrap up all the needed files.
> I have something that seems to work but it seems like there should be a more elegant solution.
> This is what I've done:
>    1.  Compile my presentation module using:
>         mzc.exe --gui-exe foo.exe foo.ss
>    2.  Place foo.exe, the images that foo uses, the dynamic libraries, and the slideshow/texpict collections to a USB drive.
>    3.  Run the slideshow from the drive.
> I supose that there's nothing wrong with this approach, but it does feel like I'm distributing a lot of files.  I was under the impression that mzc would compile the module *and any dependencies* into the .exe file so that I wouldn't need to distribute a collects directory along with the .exe and .dll's.  Is there some magic flag that I'm missing or is this just the nature of the beast?
> Evan
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