[plt-scheme] DrScheme and memory

From: Erich Rast (erich at snafu.de)
Date: Mon Nov 28 06:05:40 EST 2005


DrScheme on my system sometimes starts to collect garbage for a very 
long time (> 1 minute). Judging from the way my hard disk starts to 
shuffle, it seems that this is caused by Virtual Memory. My system is 
OS X 10.3.9 with 512MB RAM. The only remedy I've found so far is to 
quit the application and then load and run the source again.

Is there a way to force more frequent garbage collections and/or limit 
the total amount of memory DrScheme uses on OS X? It seems to me that 
my programs don't really use that much memory and should run without 
using VM if garbage was collected earlier. Or is that rather unlikely?

Related to this: Is there a distribution of DrScheme with the 
alternative collector 3m for OS X? I'd like to give it a try but I 
don't think that I can't build it from source on my own, as I don't 
even have any recent version of Developer Tools installed.

Best regards,


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