[plt-scheme] plt plot (can I export the graphs?)

From: Alexander Friedman (alex at inga.mit.edu)
Date: Mon May 30 03:11:55 EDT 2005

On May 30, Carter T Schonwald wrote:
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> Hello,
> I wish to export the images created using the Plot library to another 
> program to integrate them in document (in microsoft word or corel 
> wordperfect) but I'm afraid that there seems to be no mention of such 
> capability in the library's documentation.
> Could someone who is more familiar with this library clarify if such is 
> possible?

This functionality is not provided directly (although perhaps it
should be).

A simple solution is to just copy the plot image from the drscheme
window into your application of choice. This should "just work" in

If you need something more automatable, it wouldn't be much work for
me to have plot create .png images (it already creates them, but now
it deletes them as soon as they are loaded). Let me know.



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