[plt-scheme] quoted characters in web server

From: Ittai Balaban (balaban at cs.nyu.edu)
Date: Tue May 3 21:06:57 EDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-05-03 at 20:51 -0400, Jay McCarthy wrote:
> While not the answer to your exact question, in a xexpr you can put entities.
> For example, `(p "There will be two ampersands, mine and PLT's:" amp
> "&"), will give the expected result.
> However, if you are trying to allow users to input strings and you
> serve them as HTML, you can either build full responses (see doc) or
> first parse those strings as XML, then splicing them into your output.

I guess I'll have to go the splicing way.

> If I missed your question, I can try again.

Well, my servlet is generating javascript code. Naturally, I don't want
"&"'s in my javascript to appear as "&"'s.

Thanks for the info.

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