[plt-scheme] Re: Change the World

From: Corey Sweeney (corey.sweeney at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Mar 22 10:18:42 EST 2005

> > DB bindings (for 299 please) would be really helpful
> EMPHATICALLY YES!! I'm writing this while taking a break from writing YET
> ANOTHER flat-file implementation of relational-data persistence for a web
> application I'm doing. Essentially every time I write a program that's not
> about programming languages I find myself badly reimplementing half of a
> sql server.

There are a couple of sql connection implementations.  I've tried
them, but have found them hard to get working or implementation
specific (postgresql vs mysql).   And i worry about future "support"
of the bindings.   One db binding set as focal point for all future
drivers would be great.

So given that, i'll say "me too".


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