[plt-scheme] Error running cross-compiled mzscheme (was: PLT mzscheme 299.207 on Sharp Zaurus)

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Jul 20 17:29:24 EDT 2005

On Jul 20, Alexander Shendi wrote:
> I just suceeded in cross-compiling mzscheme with the Boehm GC, but
> the error message below remains the same. So it does not seem to be
> GC related. Could it be that disabling the FFI causes the error?

I doubt it.  There shouldn't be anything non-foreign related that uses
it.  The only thing can be if you're using the readline interface.

> > bash-2.05$ /opt/QtPalmtop/plt/bin/mzscheme
> > Welcome to MzScheme version 299.107 (sgc), Copyright (c) 2004-2005 PLT 
> > Scheme, Inc.
> > > (require (lib "1.ss" "srfi"))
> > hash-table-put!: expects type <mutable hash-table> as 1st argument, 
> > given: #<hash-table>; other arguments were: #<module-registry> 
> > #<hash-table>
> > 
> > It seems as if something is wrong with the build, as the same
> > expression works under the natively compiled version.
> There seems to a problem related to immutable and mutable
> hashtables, but why?

Try removing compiled directories and then invoke mzscheme with

  .../mzscheme -M errortrace

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