[plt-scheme] Re: electronic book - EOPL ?

From: David Van Horn (dvanhorn at cs.uvm.edu)
Date: Fri Jul 1 09:55:56 EDT 2005

Ivan l. Altaparmakov wrote:
> Does any body has electronic versions of 
> books for scheme/lisp (or prolog or haskell) programming style? 
> Such like "How to Design Pograms" and "Structure and Interpretation of
> Computer Programs".  

A long time ago I used wget with recursive retrieval to download the
HTML of SICP, and then used Adobe Acrobat to convert it to PDF.  I tried
the same trick on HTDP, but it didn't work well (some figures were too
wide for the page width or something).  Since the authors of HTDP could
easily provide PDFs and yet they don't, perhaps they don't want such a
thing in circulation.


> For example "Essentilas of the Programming Languages" 
> or other interesting books on programming.

Enchiladas of Programming Languages is not freely available on the
web, so you'll need to purchase the book or go without.  Here are a few
other interesting books on programming and programming languages (in no 
particular order):


I used to have a longer list, but I can't track it down at the moment.


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