[plt-scheme] Re: tiny server -- recommendations?

From: Ben Simon (ben at amazingmedia.com)
Date: Wed Jan 26 14:26:36 EST 2005

>>>>> "EB" == Eli Barzilay <eli at barzilay.org> writes:

 EB> On Jan 26, Ben Simon wrote:
 >> [...]
 >> [1] Running on: Linux 2.4.20, mzscheme 207 

 EB> Try to upgrade PLT

I just did. No change :-(. Still hangs.

 EB> -- your code works fine for me using 209

You were able to hit it w/ ab?  Thanks for trying that!

 EB> (and kernel version 2.6.8).

I guess I can try upgrading this as well as looking into a new version
of ab (I'm running 2.0.40).


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