[plt-scheme] Improving mzc output

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Jan 10 15:45:14 EST 2005

On Jan 10, Blake McBride wrote:
> Why go through all the work of writing a JIT compiler when they are
> entirely CPU specific?

There is a library that we're using that implements a portable
assembly layer.

> Doesn't it make more sense to spend all that effort to generate
> portable optimized C?

Generating optimized C is just like generating optimized assembly
(mainly because C is a kind of an assembler).

> Who cares how fast the interpreter works (within reason) so long as
> a fast compiler is available?

I don't see how this sentence is related to anything.  Compiling is
roughly the same whether you JIT or not.

> Portability is an important issue.

Right, and if all OSs came with the same standard and portable
compiler, then it could have been used instead.

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