[plt-scheme] Re: cannot require 19.ss (srfi)

From: Hans Oesterholt-Dijkema (hdnews at gawab.com)
Date: Fri Jan 7 04:18:43 EST 2005

> > I see your argument, and can imagine this to some degree.  However,
> > there are other ways to tackle this.  E.g. bigloo only complains
> > about overriding a primitive or function, but doesn't stop
> > working. [...]
> That seems rather arbitrary.  One thing is that "primitives" is a 
> very shaky concept, another is that I don't see why "overriding" a function
> is worse than overriding other values.  Third, what is exactly
> "overriding"? -- is it changing the binding which affects all code?
> The current module?  Toplevel user code?

Sorry, I actually meant redefining a defined object.
> > 3. If I'm correct it is also possible to redefine the
> >    original primitives using some special construct.
> No, you cannot touch them.  You can define new ones and provide a
> language module that will use your new things under the same name, 
> but the original bindings are still there, and still untouched.  
> This is an *extremely* nice property especially if you want to 
> "redefine" stuff.

True, I agree. Means one can have multiple languages at the same time,
if I understand you correctly.

Thanks for your additional comments.


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