[plt-scheme] the plt browser

From: Rohan Nicholls (rohan.nicholls at pareto.nl)
Date: Thu Feb 3 05:04:34 EST 2005

On Wed, 2 Feb 2005 12:45:32 -0500
Don Blaheta <dblaheta at knox.edu> wrote:

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> Quoth Corey Sweeney:
> > If your looking for Drscheme features to add to 300, I think that
> > adding a clone button to the plt internal browser could be very
> > helpfull (or "open link in new help window" would be even better). 
> > I personally find it dificult to remember what help pages I was
> > "going to look at" if the page i'm looking at now ended up to not be
> > the right one.
> I was actually just about to complain about that the other day; I then
> discovered that when a help window has focus (and only then) there is
> an extra option in the File menu "New Help Desk", with no keyboard
> shortcut.  It's better than nothing!
> Which is not to say it's fantastic.  I'm putting together a list of
> complaints/suggestions regarding the builtin help, but I won't spam
> the list with my as-yet-unfinished brainstorming.
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Just one that I have been wondering for a while, is being able to order
the search results.  So being able to say I would like to see the RSR5
results followed by srfi's, followed by mzscheme, followed by modules
etc etc. 

Most of the time I am not interested in the language packs, but they
always come on the top of the list, and on a large result base you end
up doing a lot of scrolling.

okay, I'll go away now.


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