[plt-scheme] the plt browser

From: Don Blaheta (dblaheta at knox.edu)
Date: Wed Feb 2 12:45:32 EST 2005

Quoth Corey Sweeney:
> If your looking for Drscheme features to add to 300, I think that
> adding a clone button to the plt internal browser could be very
> helpfull (or "open link in new help window" would be even better).  I
> personally find it dificult to remember what help pages I was "going
> to look at" if the page i'm looking at now ended up to not be the
> right one.

I was actually just about to complain about that the other day; I then
discovered that when a help window has focus (and only then) there is an
extra option in the File menu "New Help Desk", with no keyboard
shortcut.  It's better than nothing!

Which is not to say it's fantastic.  I'm putting together a list of
complaints/suggestions regarding the builtin help, but I won't spam the
list with my as-yet-unfinished brainstorming.

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