[plt-scheme] planet and mzc (again)

From: Hans Oesterholt-Dijkema (hdnews at gawab.com)
Date: Wed Dec 28 14:44:36 EST 2005

Thanks for your fast reply. I setup a info.ss file for ROOS and was able
to create a package that works, using:

(from the makfile:)

planet: plt
@echo "A collection package has been made to be distributed using planet"

#planet: scms docs precompile
# $(PLANET) --create-archive $(PREFIX)/$(PACKAGE)

plt: scms docs precompile
$(MZC) --all-users --collection-plt roos-$(VERSION).plt roos
#$(MZC) --collection-plt roos-$(VERSION).plt roos

$(MZC) --cc c-roos.c
$(MZC) --ld c-roos$(SHL) c-roos.obj

collects: zos
@if [ ! -d $(PREFIX)/roos ];then echo "Please install roos package
first";exit 1;fi
$(MZC) --collection-extension roos

zos: scms
$(MZC) --collection-zos roos

mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/$(PACKAGE)
cp roos.scm $(PREFIX)/$(PACKAGE)/roos.scm
cp c-roos.c $(PREFIX)/$(PACKAGE)/c-roos.c
cp c-roos.scm $(PREFIX)/$(PACKAGE)/c-roos.scm
cp pre-installer.ss $(PREFIX)/$(PACKAGE)/pre-installer.ss
cat info.ss | sed -e s/__VERSION__/$(VERSION)/g

spod2html --indent-toc-with-spaces=4 --stylesheet=roos.css
doc/roos_manual.pod roos_manual.html
mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/$(PACKAGE)/html
cp roos_manual.html $(PREFIX)/$(PACKAGE)/html/index.html
-dos2unix $(PREFIX)/$(PACKAGE)/html/index.html
cp doc/style.css $(PREFIX)/$(PACKAGE)/html/roos.css
cp doc.txt $(PREFIX)/$(PACKAGE)/doc.txt

However, *planet --create-archive <dir>* doesn't seem to generate a
package that
can be used to compile (or use the pre-compiled) c-roos.c.

Another question: Is it advisable to (at least for WIN32) add a
pre-compiled variant
of c sources or will they be mzscheme version specific?

Thanks in advance for your answers,

Hans Oesterholt-Dijkema

Chongkai Zhu schreef:

> [index entry: _Setup PLT compile extension_]
>The "setup-extension.ss" library helps compile C code via Setup PLT's
>"pre-install" phase (triggered by a `pre-installer' item in "info.ss";
>see the "setup" collection for further information).
>>I believe that question was answered here before.
>>The answer is : YES.
>>Please refer to "Documentation for the Make collection" in the help
>>disk for details.
>>>Hi all,
>>>I recently posted a question about using PlaNET with C modules.
>>>I'm not quite sure if it is supported or not. Can someone point
>>>out if it is possible to include C parts in a planet package and
>>>get it automatically compiled on requiring the planet package?
>>>Thanks in advance for your answers,
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