[plt-scheme] literal html data in servlets

From: benderjg2 at aol.com (benderjg2 at aol.com)
Date: Tue Aug 23 22:40:21 EDT 2005

 Jens Axel Søgaard wrote:
> Matthias Felleisen wrote: 
> > You can get this in Matthew's world w/o any problem. It's even appeared 
> > in DrDobb's so no excuse -- Matthias 
> I think the reason I missed the DrDobbs articles in the first place, 
> is that there are no links at readscheme.org. This usually means that they aren't available elsewhere. 

I don't know if you are aware, but Shriram has recently added PDFs for
the two DrDobbs articles to his web site. I am travelling currently, but
addings these links to the citations of the DrDobb's articles on 
Readscheme.org is on my to do list when I return home.

The links on Shriram's site are:

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