[plt-scheme] Re: XP Home Binary File Upload

From: Kathi Fisler (kfisler at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Aug 22 10:58:06 EDT 2005

Quick followup: we're running these tests using version 299.107. 
Students will be using a combination of 209 and 299 to develop and
view files.

Since this is a web application, we are able to patch our Scheme
installation if that would work around this problem on the server


On 8/22/05, Andrey Skylar <skyarland at gmail.com> wrote:
> We're trying to upload binary scheme files (containing comment boxes
> and test boxes) using the scheme web server.  Using Linux and XP Pro
> we can successfully upload, download, and view the binary files.  When
> viewing files uploaded from XP Home, however, the following error
> messages were produced:
> insert-file in text%: error loading the file
> There was an error loading C:\DOCUME~1\ANDREY\LOCALS~1\TEMP\testabc.scm.
> One of our tests was to upload a file from Linux and then download it
> on XP Home.  If we downloaded the file and just clicked open (rather
> than save to disk) the file opened fine.  On the other hand, if we
> saved the file to disk and then tried to open it with Scheme, we got
> the errors above.
> Another test was to download the Linux uploaded file to XP Home and
> open it (not save to disk).  We then saved that to a file on XP Home.
> It opened fine.  We then uploaded the file that we saved.  Downloading
> it on any of the Operating Systems produced the same error messages as
> above.
> We note that the file sizes after saving under XP Home are different
> from those under the other two, even for the exact same source file
> (they are the same across Linux and XP Pro).
> Any suggestions on what to do?  We're going to be releasing the
> application this week.
> Thanks
> - Kathi and Andrey

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