[plt-scheme] XP Home Binary File Upload

From: Andrey Skylar (skyarland at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Aug 22 10:44:42 EDT 2005

We're trying to upload binary scheme files (containing comment boxes
and test boxes) using the scheme web server.  Using Linux and XP Pro
we can successfully upload, download, and view the binary files.  When
viewing files uploaded from XP Home, however, the following error
messages were produced:

insert-file in text%: error loading the file
There was an error loading C:\DOCUME~1\ANDREY\LOCALS~1\TEMP\testabc.scm.

One of our tests was to upload a file from Linux and then download it
on XP Home.  If we downloaded the file and just clicked open (rather
than save to disk) the file opened fine.  On the other hand, if we
saved the file to disk and then tried to open it with Scheme, we got
the errors above.

Another test was to download the Linux uploaded file to XP Home and
open it (not save to disk).  We then saved that to a file on XP Home. 
It opened fine.  We then uploaded the file that we saved.  Downloading
it on any of the Operating Systems produced the same error messages as

We note that the file sizes after saving under XP Home are different
from those under the other two, even for the exact same source file
(they are the same across Linux and XP Pro).

Any suggestions on what to do?  We're going to be releasing the
application this week.

- Kathi and Andrey

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