[plt-scheme] ffi callback

From: Jean-François Trevien (jftrevien at free.fr)
Date: Sun Apr 24 12:36:32 EDT 2005

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I just take sqlite as an example of library to interface.
I' m interested in the ability to interface any library, not
particulary this one

Jay McCarthy wrote:

|Look on PLaneT for my sqlite library. You may want to use it, or look
|at how it works.
|On 4/23/05, Jean-François Trevien <jftrevien at free.fr> wrote:
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| hello,
| ~   I' ve begin to make some test with the 'foreign' library. But when
| i arrive to the section ffi callback i read that:
| 'These functions are provided by the internal #%foreign, but not
| re-provided from foreign. They are listed with brief explanations. If
| you find any of these useful, please let us know.'
| ~ I made my test with the sqlite lib and without callback it will be
| useless. There is a lot of C libraries that use heavily callback.
| ~ Is there a way to activate them (modifying the source foreign.ss
| perhaps)  ?
| Thanks

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