[plt-scheme] SchemeQL and list.ss not on speaking terms?

From: nishad at ptolemy.tlg.uci.edu (nishad at ptolemy.tlg.uci.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 13 14:57:37 EDT 2005

In mzscheme v209, when I say 

 (lib "schemeql.ss" "schemeql")
 (lib "pregexp.ss" "mzlib")
 (lib "string.ss" "srfi" "13")
 (lib "list.ss" "srfi" "1"))

it replies with

repl-1:1:0: require: duplicate import identifier at: delete in: (require (lib "schemeql.ss" "schemeql") (lib "pregexp.ss" "mzlib") (lib "string.ss" "srfi" "13") ...

Looking around in the SchemeQL collection, I find this at the top of

(module connection mzscheme
        ;; if, and when, the need to use a different driver with
        ;; SchemeQL arises.  this require will have to be
        ;; modify to require the appropriate interface for such a driver.
        (require "odbc.ss"
                 (lib "list.ss") ;; remove

Notice the "remove" comment for list.ss.  Is this causing the
"duplicate import identifier" message?  Should I simply follow the
author's advice and nuke that line?  Will I need to recompile SchemeQL
if I do so?  

I need to use both collections, schemeql and list, in the same
program.  But I'm not too savvy about how PLT modules and "require"
work, so help from guys would surely be better than whatever cargo
cult stuff I'd try on my own.  Help! :-)

"Things ain't been the same since the blues walked into town."

                                                -- Larry Love

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