[plt-scheme] homeschooling/self-study

From: Rich Talley (rich.talley at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Apr 4 10:25:00 EDT 2005

I have two teenaged sons who have expressed an interest in learning
something about programming, which isn't offered in their schools. So
I had each download and install DrScheme and pointed them at HTDP. We
are just finishing up section 2. We will be going slowly as this
project can't keep them from their regular schoolwork.

Does anybody have comments, advice or warnings about using the PLT
materials outside of a classroom setting?

Do you want to hear something about our experiences with DrScheme and HTDP?

Two notes: I have some experience with computers (mostly
sales/installation/troubleshooting and some programming) and I've
recently returned to school to study math and CS, so my background is
different from the average parent's. Also Shriram and Eli were nice
enough to give me access to the solutions - that will be very helpful.

Rich Talley

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