[plt-scheme] DrScheme V208p1 on windows XP is crashing

From: M. André Mayers (Andre.Mayers at USherbrooke.ca)
Date: Thu Sep 23 14:39:55 EDT 2004

Good day, 
I suspect that DrScheme crash because it tries to access a network disk
(Z:\) that is not always easy to access promptly. 
I have noticed that DrScheme write and read the 3 following files on these
network disk. 
No matter what I do (for example, uninstall DrScheme, erase the 3 files,
disconnect from the network, and reinstall DrScheme) DrScheme always creates
those files as soon as I am connected to the network. 
Is it possible, to prevent DrScheme to use the network disk ?
Thank you. 

Andre Mayers, Ph.D., professeur            |  tel: 819-821-8000x2041 
Dept. de math. et d'informatique             |  fax: 819-821-8200 
Universite de Sherbrooke                       |
andre.mayers at usherbrooke.ca 
Sherbrooke (Quebec) Canada J1K 2R1 |   <http://www.dmi.usherb.ca/~amayers>

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