[plt-scheme] .Z* files in SLaTeX

From: Prabhakar Ragde (plragde at uwaterloo.ca)
Date: Fri Sep 10 10:23:10 EDT 2004

>If you have the energy (perhaps for next year...) you might also want
>to consider using slideshow

Slideshow still lacks some features I'd want -- the ability to display
in a window instead of full screen, and the ability to toggle between
the two with a keystroke. Also, having embedded math is nice (I'm
exporting LaTeX seminar). Finally, I need to have DrScheme installed
on the presentation machine, which isn't always easy -- it would be
nice if Slideshow exported PostScript or PDF. 

>Try calling port-count-lines! on the port before reading anything from

That does wonders. Thanks.

>If a syntax error or read error is raised, drscheme's default handler
>does the highlighting.

I'm running a Makefile to do the slide generation, and it runs a
script which calls mzscheme. If that reports an error, I open the
slide source file containing the error. I know the offending line
number and column, but I don't know a quick way of getting there --
something like M-x goto-line in Emacs. 

Another thing that frequently happens to me is that I forget a close
paren. The whole source file turns pink, which is not much use to
me. There isn't a key shortcut for "clear error highlight", so I have
to do that from a menu before I do anything else. Then I go down to
the bottom, stick my cursor on the last close paren, and scroll up to
find out what it's closing, which generally is quite close to my
error. Is there any more effective way to do this? Thanks. --PR

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