[plt-scheme] ANN: new SXPath for PLT

From: Dmitry Lizorkin (lizorkin at hotbox.ru)
Date: Tue Nov 23 01:24:30 EST 2004


New version of SXPath for PLT is now available:

SXPath is the XPath implementation and a query language for XML documents
represented in the form of S-expressions (SXML):

((sxpath "tr/td[@align='center']")
   '(table (tr (td "11")
               (td (@ (align "center")) "12" (br)))
           (tr (td (@ (align "right")) "21")
               (td (@ (align "center")) (b "22")))))
((td (@ (align "center")) "12" (br))
 (td (@ (align "center")) (b "22")))

Main new features:
  * Supports document order and eliminates duplicate nodes;
  * Significant performance improvement in evaluating complex XPath

You can also download the SXPath package from PlaneT repository, by adding
the following line to your program:
(require (planet "sxml.ss" ("lizorkin" "sxml.plt" 1 0)))

The package additionally includes:
  * Lazy SXPath evaluator over SXML documents with delayed nodes;
  * SXML modification tool in the spirit of Patrick Lehti's "Data
Manipulation Processor for an XML Query Language".

Best regards,

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