[plt-scheme] quasiquote-style output

From: Thomas-Xavier MARTIN (txm+plt-scheme at m4x.org)
Date: Mon Nov 22 07:09:26 EST 2004

Is there any way to have the printer in MzScheme and in DrScheme use 
quasiquote-style output PROGRAMMATICALLY ?

I eventually found the preference setting in DrScheme to obtain that result. 
What I am looking for is a way to have display et al. use quasiquote-style 
output in a stand-alone (MzScheme) script.

For example, a flag given to the MzScheme executable at the top of the script, 
or an additional parameter given to display, or just using instead of display 
some specific procedure which I have not heard about yet.

Context : I want to use the standard Active File pattern for parameter files 
in a stand-alone script : write them in the script language, so that you just 
have to load them at the beginning, using the available interpreter to parse 


Quasiquote-style output is just what I need to simply write some complicated 
structs and vectors back to the parameter file.

Once again, I am feeling that there is an obvious way of doing this in Scheme, 
but my newbieness stands in the way... Thanks in advance for any help.
Thomas-Xavier MARTIN
txm+plt-scheme at m4x.org

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