[plt-scheme] just starting, comming from j2ee

From: Jaime Barciela (jbarciela at yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Nov 2 10:16:43 EST 2004

Hello Mattias

> You need a lot of money to build a web site like
> Amazon's with the 
> continuation-based server.

Yes, the money is going to be a problem :)

> Having said that, there are several people around
> the world who use the 
> PLT server for business purposes. If it's really
> Amazon, too much. If 
> it's less, build an evaluation prototype.

I was assuming the PLT server wouldn't be enough, I
was wondering more about PLT in combination with
something else.

I will have to build that prototype, but since I know
close to nothing about the language, that may take
some time.

> You could build a mod_mzscheme alternatively. But
> you need to know that 
> this will take away some of the advantages of
> Scheme.

Like what for example? REPL? 

> Or you could have an Apache server forward
> connections to a PLT server. 

Ala mod_lisp, or fastCGI? Is that what you mean?


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