[plt-scheme] Massive memory consumption

From: Anton van Straaten (anton at appsolutions.com)
Date: Tue Nov 2 02:45:33 EST 2004

Arend P. van der Veen wrote:
> To specifically address memory consumption we are considering rebooting
> the PLT Web server process once a day.   Will this help reduce memory
> consumptions and improve stability?

In my experience, yes.

> Do I need to reboot the server and
> not just the PLT Web server process?

No, you only need to restart the PLT web server process.  This is a very
quick procedure (less than a second).

In the applications I've tried, memory usage does grow steadily over time.
How fast is going to depend on your application and load, obviously.  I
haven't spent any time attempting to measure or diagnose this - restarting
the PLT web server takes care of it, and that's acceptable in my case.  (For
all I know, I might have some kind of leak in my applications, but I don't
think so.)


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