[plt-scheme] An Ode in Bumpy Flatt Minor

From: Anton van Straaten (anton at appsolutions.com)
Date: Mon Nov 1 17:40:57 EST 2004

An Ode in Bumpy Flatt Minor

At times we all need a little play,
That is why I'm here to say,
This ditty's for Matthew Flatt's birthday!

I've been staring at Matthew's face all day,
Peeking from the DrScheme icon tray.
It finally inspired me to say,
To Matthew, Hip- hip- hip Hooray!

Matthew's the heart of MzScheme
When you see his eyes a-gleam
Expect new features from the PLTeam!

Matthew Flatt is never grumpy
Perhaps because he's into Bumpy [*]
Flatt likes Bumpy, that's confusing
It led me to do some musing...

How do they make PLT Scheme so great?
The features just accumulate
But somehow they all just integrate
And all without abusing state!

The end result is quite a coup
It's the effort of an amazing group
Not just Matthew, naturally,
But it's not their birthday,
So you see...

...In the end, it's all so clear
Matthew's a hacker without peer
He's no ordinary lambda fan
Matthew Flatt, you am da man!

Happy Birthday, Matthew!  


[*] http://www.google.com/search?q=flatt+bumpy&btnI=Lucky

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