[plt-scheme] Cannot install 207 on Windows

From: Zhu Chongkai (mathematica at citiz.net)
Date: Sat May 22 20:47:35 EDT 2004

>To explain the situation:
> 1) The problem is almost certainly a bug in MrEd, which for some
>    reason is exposed by the new (as of 206) install process.
> 2) I have no idea what the bug might be, but it seems to depend on the
>    timing of something. Perhaps it's a race condition.
> 3) I have never been able to provoke a bad install myself, which makes
>    it very difficult for me to figure out where the bug might be.
>So, all of this information on the problem is useful. If someone
>manages to get a stack trace at the time of a crash, that would be
>extremely useful.

I met the install problem on my Win98(Symplified Chinese Version) and got the 
following imformation:

MRED 在 0187:100c421e 的模块
 LIBMRED207_000.DLL 中导致无效页错误。
EAX=00000000 CS=0187 EIP=100c421e EFLGS=00010246
EBX=017ebf60 SS=018f ESP=0078f4ac EBP=00000001
ECX=00000000 DS=018f ESI=021f3000 FS=1c2f
EDX=1012020c ES=018f EDI=020b3380 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 78 14 89 7c 24 10 74 48 d9 46 0c d8 5e 2c df 
Stack dump:
020b3380 017ebf60 01f3ebb8 0208f310 000001a0 00000237 100652df 01f3ebb8 100bf561 100653ce 021f3000 0208f310 01d8a9f0 020b3380 00000000 42200000 

Hope these helps.

I will try to debug with MSVC and give more imformation after that. 

Zhu Chongkai

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