[plt-scheme] Setting timeslice for the thread in the embeddin g application

From: Khorev Sergey (Khorev at SoftLab.RU)
Date: Wed Mar 31 03:43:41 EST 2004

> At Mon, 29 Mar 2004 12:41:12 +0400, Khorev Sergey wrote:
> > Is there way to increase the time, that 
> scheme_check_threads() can consume?
> Assuming that MzScheme uses a timer to control thread 
> quantums, you can
> #define MZ_THREAD_QUANTUM_USEC (perhaps on the compiler command line
> with -D) to something larger than 10000. That will increase the time
> slice for each Scheme thread in the scheduler.
> (Is that what you're asking, or am I on the wrong track?)

Thanks, you're on the right way.

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