[plt-scheme] [OT] duplicate email

From: Doug Orleans (dougo at place.org)
Date: Wed Mar 24 17:17:13 EST 2004

Anton van Straaten writes:
 > I run a list using LISTSERV software, and it automatically sets the Reply To
 > address if it doesn't already exist.

This is Bad.  http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html

 > On such messages, whether you select Reply or Reply All, the reply
 > goes only to the list.

Thus removing perfectly good functionality from my mail reader (not to
mention the mail-senders of people who need to set their own Reply-To
header).  Weren't you one of the ones who wanted `letrec' and
`letrec*' to be different?  :)

 > This reduces the frequency of directly cc'd messages significantly.

It also increases the frequency of intended-private messages sent to
the whole list by mistake.  This is far worse than extra copies.

 > In short, if Mailman offers an option to set the Reply To address in the
 > headers of messages it sends out, that'd be worth a try if you want to
 > reduce the number of messages cc'd by default.

Please don't!

--dougo at place.org

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