[plt-scheme] Re: [ANN] MzVim - 0.500

From: Bram Moolenaar (Bram at moolenaar.net)
Date: Tue Mar 23 04:50:19 EST 2004

Sergey Khorev wrote:

> I am proud to announce MzVim: patch to the Vim editor to embedd
> MzScheme interpreter.
> MzScheme (http://www.plt-scheme.org/software/mzscheme) is the 
> lightweight, embeddable, scripting-friendly PLT Scheme implementation.

(Thanks for making this, Sergey)  (Good to see a complete interface)
(And with docs!)  (I hope people will try this out and give feedback)
(Might be a thing to add in Vim 7...)

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