[plt-scheme] [ANN] MzVim - 0.500

From: Khorev Sergey (Khorev at SoftLab.RU)
Date: Tue Mar 23 03:38:41 EST 2004

I am proud to announce MzVim: patch to the Vim editor to embedd
MzScheme interpreter.
MzScheme (http://www.plt-scheme.org/software/mzscheme) is the 
lightweight, embeddable, scripting-friendly PLT Scheme implementation.

The main advantages over existing languages inside of the Vim:
* Full access to Vim commands and registers, VimL built-in variables 
and functions (so there is no need to execute Vim statements in 
string literal form).
* OS-independent threads
* Event-handling mechanism (so Scheme can be used for autocommands, 
keyboard mappings and menus).
* Scheme is a more adequate language at all ;)

Supported platforms are Win32 and Unix.

MzVim is available from http://iamphet.nm.ru/scheme/
Documentation is available from http://iamphet.nm.ru/scheme/if_mzsch.txt
and also with the patch.

Feedback will be highly appreciated.

Sergey Khorev
Deja Moo: Thinking you've already milked the same cow before.

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