[plt-scheme] Slideshow questions

From: Prabhakar Ragde (plragde at uwaterloo.ca)
Date: Mon Mar 15 14:03:32 EST 2004

>> PS/PDF files are difficult to edit. I would like to be able to prepare
>> materials in Slideshow and allow others who don't use Scheme/Slideshow
>> to be able to edit them for their own purposes. Export to LaTeX seems
>> a good approach, though I'm open to suggestions. 
>There's not a good way to do that. LaTeX is not a good fit for picts,

That's true if the full power of picts is used, but a good part of
Slideshow presentations would be text. However, I see that it would be
hard to draw the line, and though a mix of LaTeX and exported graphics
would be possible, it would not be simple. This may mean I have to
stick with LaTeX/seminar.sty for anything with which others (eg
co-authors or co-instructors) are involved.

Thanks for the f11 reminder (and to John Clements for Cmd-h). These
make life a lot easier during presentations. --PR

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