[plt-scheme] beginner questions about viewport lib and dlls

From: ifconfig nslookup (ifconfig at ifconfig.homelinux.net)
Date: Mon Jun 21 18:47:18 EDT 2004

Is it possible to add an option when making an executable to statically
link those libraries?
I don't know much about dynamically and statically linked library, but I
think it should be possible, shouldn't it?


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> lib and dlls
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> At Mon, 21 Jun 2004 13:57:25 -0400, "Psy-Kosh" wrote:
> > Possibly dumb question, but... why was it moved to dlls anyways?
> Applications like DrScheme, Help Desk, and Slideshow are all
> "stand-alone" executables. Putting most of MzScheme and MrEd in DLLs
> means that those pieces are shared.
> The alternative is to have little launcher programs for DrScheme, Help
> Desk, etc. that start MrEd or MzScheme. That's what we used to do, but
> the DLL approach is much cleaner, and it works better with the OS's
> process manager.
> Matthew

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