[plt-scheme] Outline slide with title (slideshow)

From: Paulo Jorge O. C. Matos (pocm at netvisao.pt)
Date: Fri Jun 18 23:28:14 EDT 2004

> You could set the margin, via `set-margin!', at the beginning when you
> set your slide assembler. You'll have to outset your assembler pict by
> as much as you increase the margin.

As far as I can see there's a problem with that approach since
setting the margin will create an equal margin all around the
screen, however I have created in current-slide-assembler a left
and top margins so I only want to set the left and top margins,
the others should stay with 20 (default). So, it would be great
for example to have 20 as default margin for right and bottom and
200 for top and left. Can I do this?


Paulo Matos

> Matthew

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