[plt-scheme] Outline slide with title (slideshow)

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Mon Jun 14 09:20:10 EDT 2004

At Sun, 13 Jun 2004 12:20:41 +0100, Paulo Jorge O. C. Matos wrote:
> How can I add a title to the outline
> slides? in the tutorial show the slide has no title. 

I can't think of a reasonable way to add a title.

The `make-outline' procedure is not as flexible as it should be, but it
also doesn't do much, so the best strategy might be to create your own

> There's yet another deep question related to
> current-slide-assembler. I've added a border to the left and top
> margins of the slide. So, it goes on top of the client/usable
> area but now with those margins the usable area of the slide (for
> the content) should be smaller. Is there a way to tell that in
> the current-slide-assembler parameter?

You could set the margin, via `set-margin!', at the beginning when you
set your slide assembler. You'll have to outset your assembler pict by
as much as you increase the margin.


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