[plt-scheme] Code for Krishnamurthi's "Swine Before Perl"

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Thu Jun 10 16:07:14 EDT 2004

Bruce Butterfield wrote:

> This brings up a point I would like some opinion on -- when designing a 
> "little language" when do you decide to move from s-expression based 
> syntax to using parser tools to lex other expression syntax? 

I think you do it either immediately or never, depending on which of
the following quotes better reflects your position:

"If I give them parens, they'll never use it, and my language will
never get off the ground" -- then you do it immediately.

"If I get them to use it, I can spend more time working on the hard
parts, and eventually I can get around to slapping an infix notation
atop it" -- anyone still waiting for M-expressions to catch on?  

This isn't as glib as it sounds.  The quotes are really about "them"
-- this is a function of your user-base.  Once you get a critical
mass, then you start to care less about the marginal user.


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