[plt-scheme] plt support amd 64 bit on linux

From: Dimitry Gashinsky (dig at mail.com)
Date: Tue Jul 20 17:14:00 EDT 2004

Hi all! 

I am trying to build plt on amd 64 and having some problems. 

First a question to the plt developers. Is the source 64 bit safe? I did not 
see any binaries for any other 64 bit platforms. How much effort would be 
envolved for a developer who is not an expert on plt internals (me in this 
case) to make it work? 

Second I am just starting and the problems are mostly in the gc area. I know 
that bohm-gc 6.2 supports amd 64, but the one used in the plt is 6.1. Is it 
a big uppgrade? 

I've got this powerfull new machine and my favotite tool is not working.
I will start working on it on the weekend. Any advice or pointers to the 
simmilar efforts would be greatly appreciated. 


P.S. Appologies if you recieved this email twice. 

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