[plt-scheme] mzscheme doc suggestion: spoon-feed us the require line

From: Terrence Brannon (metaperl at urth.org)
Date: Wed Jul 14 08:12:49 EDT 2004

I am on #scheme all the time and here is what you see:

[08:04] <Luke> does MzScheme have defmacro - if so, what's it called?
[08:05] <Bunny_351> "define-macro", and you need some sort of `require' 
to load it.
[08:05] <neilv> defmacro.ss 
[08:07] <Luke> thanks. can someone spoon-feed me the require line? :)
[08:08] <schemelab> maybe: (require (lib "defmacro.ss"))
[08:08] <schemelab> try that
[08:08] <neilv> what schemelab said
[08:08] * schemelab is the hacker formerly known as metaperl
[08:09] <Luke> thankee :)

If the start of each chapter on each thing that could be required had 
the sample require() line, then things would be much easier.

I actually have a file on my disk with the syntax needs to load SRFI-1 
because it is so foreign to me.

Or better yet, how about a DrScheme buddy that accepts natural language:

DrScheme, how do I require defmacro.ss

==> type "(require (lib "defmacro.ss"))"

  (let recur ((lis x) (k k)) 
    (if (zero? k) (values '() lis) 
	(receive (prefix suffix) (recur (cdr lis) (- k 1)) 
	  (values (cons (car lis) prefix) suffix))))) 

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