[plt-scheme] Fostering little languages

From: Pierre CHATEL (mailings at chatelp.org)
Date: Mon Feb 16 07:55:57 EST 2004


I've just read this article from "Dr Dobb's Journal" march issue. Very 
(very) good article by the way !
I'm in my fourth year of studies in computer science and have the 
project of developping a "little langage" on top of Scheme using 
DrScheme's IDE. My question is: where can i find *real* information on 
making a new langage pack for exemple, or just interfacing with the 
stepper or any other tool that might need some help understanding the 
new syntax.
"Fostering little languages" mentioned the problem but didn't give (in 
my opinion) a real answer...

Thanks for the help :-)


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