[plt-scheme] Flood of paint events during resize for MrEd under X

From: Simon Guest (simon at guests.plus.com)
Date: Wed Dec 29 09:23:08 EST 2004

I've just started with MrEd on Debian Linux, using version 208.
I've got a fairly simply GUI with a number of panels containing 
canvases, and a few buttons.

When the main window is resized, the application gets a flood of paint 
events, and it cannot keep up.  It takes quite some time (20 seconds, 
maybe) before it catches up again.

I noticed this post in the PLT Scheme archives, which discusses exactly 
this problem:

However, it would seem that this problem didn't get adressed, unless 
there is now some work-around I should be using.  Is there?

Is there much use of MrEd GUI applications on Linux, or is mostly 
everyone using Windows?  The reason I wonder is that with this problem 
outstanding, the application behaviour is rather an embarrassment.  Any 


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