[plt-scheme] On continuations...

From: michael rice (nowgate at yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Dec 19 11:56:20 EST 2004

Thanks for all the input on partitioning an integer.
This adventure started with an entry from a book of
problems for computer solution. I'd never heard of
integer partitions before so I went out on the web and
found an Icon solution (link partit from the Icon
Library). Further exploring led me to the Python
solution at: 

I like to translate code from one language to another
so I decided to try it in Scheme. I'd read about
continuations and understood the short examples but
always felt that real understanding comes with heavy
usage. This problem required not only generators but
generators within generators, a nice challenge.

Well, on to Smalltalk. Has anyone heard of Croquet
(http://www.opencroquet.org), a Smalltalk 3D
collaborative graphical user interface?


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