[plt-scheme] [Ann] Common Larceny alpha

From: Doug Orleans (dougo at place.org)
Date: Mon Dec 6 12:02:48 EST 2004

Matthias Felleisen writes:
 > For now Common Larceny is a Scheme-based language that runs on MS's 
 > .Net and that is intended for scripting the .Net class framework. The 
 > implementation is a compiler that is derived from Will Clinger's 
 > Larceny/Twobit system. Over the next semester, we hope to gain 
 > experience with scripting and post a cookbook-style manual so that 
 > people can quickly get to work in this world.

Does it use Larceny's garbage collector, or does it have to use .Net's?

--dougo at place.org

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