[plt-scheme] MBCS support for MzScheme and DrScheme

From: Chihiro Kuraya (rxqvw at yahoo.co.jp)
Date: Fri Aug 27 22:15:55 EDT 2004


I have made a simple hack to support MBCS (multibyte character set)
for MzScheme.  The attached is a pacth.
This only makes string literals to be able to contain MBCS.
Symbols or any other data representations are not supported.

I have testet this patch with Japanese Shift_JIS encoding 
on Windows 2000 by compiling Visual C++ 6.

Additionally, I want to edit Scheme files with MBCS encoding
in the DrScheme environment.  Patched MzScheme works with
DrScheme correctly. DrScheme editor can display almost all 
characters if I configure font settings with [Edit]-[Preferences] 
But I have found that some Japanese characters
such as {0x80,0xA0} or {0x83,0x60} or {0x83,0x7D} is displayed
garbled. I wonder why this happens. 
I think this is not a problem of fonts nor locales.

I am now trying to hack DrScheme (MrEd) to display Japanese characaters
correctly. I hope any hints what source file or component
should I examine to solve this problem.

Any suggestion is appreciated.
Thank you.

Chihiro Kuraya
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