[plt-scheme] Announcement: New RSS Syndicator released

From: Mike Burns (netgeek at speakeasy.net)
Date: Thu Aug 26 02:32:23 EDT 2004

--- ctest at neural.dlsemc.com mumbled on 2004-08-26 05.27.55 -0500 ---
> I've written A RSS Syndicator for PLT Scheme.

I'll hijack your announcement to announce my own RSS module. It provides 
constructors for building an RSS syndication, and a converter to produce 
either RSS 1.0 or 2.0.

The first version is available on PLaneT as of this writing, and the second 
version will be available soon (sent to Jacob, awaiting his posting). Also 
available soon (only awaiting Jacob's posting) will be mail2rss, a module to 
convert an email to RSS.

Future items on the todo-list for my RSS module:

 * Convert to Atom.
 * Convert RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and Atom to the simple structure used in this 

Mike Burns netgeek at speakeasy.net http://mike-burns.com

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